The programming is specifically designed to improve technique & strength for all gymnastic movements in crossfit.  I have created 3 separate 6 weeks programs; beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  They are broken down into three sections; technique, strength, & accessory work.   You can choose the program depending on your skill level.  There are videos of the drills on YouTube so the athlete is clear on how to execute the drill and the technique that is expected.


Beginner Gymnastics Programming
consists of progression drills to help the athlete understand the basic technique to conquer pull-ups, toes to bar, handstand push-ups, and ring dips.


Intermediate Gymnastics Programming
is for any athlete that is looking to improve their pull-up, handstand push-up & toe to bar while being challenged by new skills such as handstand walking, ring dips, & muscle up work.


Advanced Gymnastics Programming
will teach the athlete to master the main gymnastics movements in crossfit like the muscle-up, handstand push-up, pull-up, toes to bar, handstand walk, and ring dips.  We will perform high level skills to improve that will improve technique and strength.

At the end of the 6-weeks athletes at all levels will have improved gymnastic abilities.  For example beginners will have improved skills to accomplish their first pull-up, ring dip, toes to bar, etc.  The intermediate athlete will increase their ability to perform unbroken repetitions in workouts by learning to execute movements more efficiently.   The advanced athlete will be challenged to push their boundaries to new limits.  These athletes will master skills that they have not been able to be efficient at in elite level workouts.

Individualized Gymnastics Programming 

If you are interested in a individualized gymnastics program that is designed SPECIFICALLY for YOU.  Please contact alyssaritchey15@gmail.com for more information on pricing and programming details.



The objective of the Alyssa Ritchey gymnastic seminars are to breakdown the mechanics of the movement for a more clear and precise understanding for the athlete.  This will be taught by using specific drills, coaching cues, and hands on coaching to perfect the movements.  The seminar includes bar work, ring work, handstand work, and miscellaneous work on other skills.   The athlete will leave the seminar with improved technique and the ability to move more efficiently in all the gymnastic movements.


The objective for the weightlifting seminars are to breakdown each lift to learn the correct positions, adjust athletes form during each lift, and learn drills to improve athletes technique.  The seminar will help correct bad habits that were developed over time, and help athletes feel more comfortable with and under the barbell.  The seminar will start with the basics BUT we will not stay there for long.  Most of the seminar will involve touching the barbell and adjusting athlete’s positions while performing the lifts with the barbell up to light-moderate loads on the barbell.


“We’ve had Alyssa for a weightlifting & gymnastics seminar and athletes said it was the best seminar they’ve attended.” ~ John Batdorff, Owner/Head trainer of Crossfit Flight in Holland, MI.

“Alyssa Ritchey is a truly amazing trainer! She is the perfect combination of tough and warm. One of her biggest strength is motivating her clients not just physically but mentally and emotionally-the whole person. Alyssa is personable, energetic, spontaneous, an expert in weight training and gymnastics, and an overall fitness guru. She places a high value on proper form and technique with each exercise. Alyssa has instilled in me the confidence and discipline I need to continue to get stronger everyday. My highest recommendation to Alyssa!” ~Monica B. Fine, Ph.D, Professor of marketing, Coastal Caroline University, Myrtle Beach, SC.

“Alyssa is a coach who inspires and motivates you to challenge yourself and hit goals you didn’t expect for yourself. With patience and giving small steps at a time she got me from no hand stand push ups to 4 in a row in one session! She encourages me to better myself and set bigger goals!”~Ashley Hillman, RN and member of FIT Loveland Fort Collins, CO

“Alyssa has helped me improve my gymnastics skills tremendously. Her instructions are very clear and precise so that you know what is expected of you in each movement. Alyssa worked with me the other day on my kipping motion, ring transitions and handstand push-ups. She had given me 3 different cues to work on and before you know it, I had completed my first ever handstand push-up! She is a terrific coach and mentor within the Wild Horizons gym.” -Erin Beverage, member of W.I.L.D. Horizons CrossFit in Fort Collins, CO

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