“You have to be willing to make changes to reach a desired goal.  Here are some of the companies that have changed my lifestyle and helped me to reach new goals.”-Alyssa Ritchey

DIETS BACKED UP BY SCIENCE that are created by Professors, Doctors, Dietitians, and World Champions.  Trusted by tens of thousands of athletes worldwide.

“I struggled with my eating habits for years. This is how my journey began.  My goal was to cut weight to make the 48kg weight class for the American Open, a well known nationally ranked weightlifting competition.  I was currently at 121lbs and needed to be 105.6lbs by December 9th 2016.  On September 29th 2016, I began Renaissance Periodization; it was the best decision I have ever made.  I lost 10lbs within the first 6 weeks with the Diet Templates.  I never thought I could be so mentally focused and particular with my eating.  When I stepped on the scale at the American Open I weighed in at 47.54kgs/105.4lbs, I had lost a total of 15.4 pounds in two & a half months with RP.  Thanks to this company they have helped me reach my goal and change my entire outlook on eating.  I now know how important eating is in my life.  I no longer wake up with nasty belly aches every morning.  I wake up ready to get my day started with positive focused energy.”-Alyssa Ritchey

RP Diet Templates

“Our professional chefs came from some of the areas top restaurants and our gourmet meals are made from scratch with a constantly rotating menu.” 

“Our ingredients are all USDA Certified Organic, and all of our meals are Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, and non-GMO.”

“Food arrives next day air in a refrigerated box so it stays fresh even if you’re not home. Delivered nationwide once a week on Fridays.”

Eat Trifecta

Coach Max Aita has spent the better part of 20 years in the sports of Weightlifting and Powerlifting. He draws his training methodology and knowledge from the many great coaches whom he has personally worked with including; Steve Gough (USA), Ivan Abadjiev (BUL), Boris Sheiko (RUS).

“I have been working with Max Aita for a short time period now.  However within that time period I have developed new technical skills for my lifts, and have become the strongest I have in my lifting days. At the 2016 American Open I recieved a gold medal in the clean & jerk and two silver medals, one for my snatch & my total. I am excited to see what max does for my lifting career in the future.”-Alyssa Ritchey

Train with MAX

“Our knee sleeves provide all of the warmth and compression to support blood flow and reduction of swelling while adding extra seam support. They are triple reinforced to be indestructible. Stay in the game with the custom comfort and pressure relief of this anti-microbial knee sleeve.”-Exosleeve

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