Summer Sweat Guide



The workouts are limited to 30 minutes. This allows a person to get a quality workout in without interrupting their busy schedules. The workouts can be performed any time during the day and will still be effective.


The Summer Sweat Guide allows you the ability to workout at home or the gym!  No more excuses! You choose where you want to workout!


This fun and challenging guide consists of 4 days of high intensity interval training (HIIT).  The HIIT workouts use kettlebell and body weight movements; each round is followed by a short rest period before starting the next round.


There are 4 workouts each week.  This is a perfect amount of time for your body to see the most effective results while maintaining a busy lifestyle.


This is a ten minute stretch that will relax and recover your body after your challenging workouts.  This will also mobilize or improve your range of motion to help you push through the next day of workouts.


The Summer Sweat Guide will get you in the best shape of your life while toning you up to make you more confident than ever!  This guide guarantees your body is receiving a high quality, all around workout that is proven to deliver results.

“Let’s start living out the best version of you, but most of all let’s fall in love with our bodies all over again!” -Alyssa Ritchey.



“12 weeks done and I feel great! I’m physically so
much stronger and I feel so much healthier than my old “fluffy” self,
and it shows. I love this program because it is so versatile; I’m
able to do it at home or at the gym, barely any equipment is needed,
and you do see results! It’s perfect for those who are busy and
struggle to find the time to fit a workout into their day. This
program is tough and challenges you with every workout, but the
results speak for themselves!””-Alex Thiel- Perrsyburg, OH, Forensic Scientist .
“I loved the Summer Sweat Guide.  I was looking for something after I had a baby to help get my core back and gain strength. Obviously, with a baby I needed it to be a quick workout to fit in while he naps.  I also needed it to be a workout I could do at home for days when the gym was not feasible.  This program was fun, versatile, and fit all of my needs.  After completing 12-weeks I can honestly say I gained more than I expected.  My core is back and better than ever! And along with my new strength, I have increased my confidence and pride in the my post baby body.  I love it! I may love it even more than my pre baby body.  Thank you Alyssa Ritchey!”-Amanda, Mom/RN from Houston
“When I finally saw the results of the Summer Sweat Guide I started to cry. I have never felt more proud of myself. After having a baby I am loving my stomach again! I wore a bikini a couple weeks ago and felt confident and sexy the entire day. My legs feel stronger than ever. I gained muscle and so more confident these last 12-weeks.”-Holly, Mom from Ohio
“I have been wanting to tone up and get stronger for a long time.  The Summer Sweat Guide did that for me, I have seen strength increases in my legs and shoulders.  I cannot express in words how I feel about my new booty, it has been a struggle to build muscle there but it finally happened.  I have learned to push myself harder in workouts through these past 12-weeks. I learned some new movements and the pictures helped me understand them during workouts.   Overall it has taught me that I can push harder during workouts and build strength in areas that I thought were impossible.”-Jenny- Loveland, CO, Surgical ICU Tech and mom.
“Alyssa’s Summer Sweat Guide is an amazing program that will push you to the next level. You will get out of it, what you put into it! My arms, shoulders and legs are in the best shape of their life and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. The program has a great mix of reps and timed exercises that make it fun and challenging. With this 12-week program you will get results!! Being already a regular at the gym, I was still able to lose 8 pounds and 7 inches in those 12 weeks on her program. I learned how important nutrition is and the amazing results you can get when you put all that hard work at the gym to its best possible use. I will be doing this Summer Sweat Guide program again!! “-Rachel- Toledo, OH, Accounts Payable Supervisor.
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